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School of Prayer

The ultimate object of prayer is not prayer itself, but God. More than giving him our “shopping lists” or telling him what he already knows, prayer invites us to encounter/interaction with the Godhead – friendship, union, Presence. Going from the study to the bedroom. And, if we’re willing, prayer expands our horizons of trust, obedience, boldness, and possibility.

That we get to partner with the Godhead in the affairs of earth and heaven via prayer is a fascinating idea to consider. Tears, sighs, groans, cries, complaints, requests, silence – all are “dialects” of prayer. Heaven knows how to “talk” divorced, lonely, student, retired, and sick … We pray more than sometimes imagined.

Song of Songs


Simply said, this is Jesus’ Song; his wedding song. Of different ways to present the gospel story, the Holy Spirit chose to use a song about romance/love/bridal imagery. Couching God’s eternal purpose and genius for creating the human race in terms of affection and a wedding gives us a paradigm unlike any other through which to make sense of why we exist and what life is all about – what the Godhead was thinking when they first dreamed us up and where this whole show is headed.

Similar to a picture being worth a thousand words, Song of Songs provides fascinating allegory of Christ and the church, and therefore Jesus and you/me (Christians). By studying its rich symbolism we gain understanding into God’s relationship to us and our relationship to him. The overall story line provides an intensive revelation of the God’s emotional make up and thought life (personality). It also gives excellent insights into the believer’s core identity, and helps us interpret our Christian walk and experience.

God … Do You Like Me?

How you answer this question (or don’t), matters – a lot. God loves the world and died for it we tell ourselves, but ask if he likes us or enjoys us and immediate tensions surface. The replies vary: sometimes … maybe … not sure … don’t think so … it depends …

Finding and then holding onto a workable and lasting confidence and security in this one-of-a-kind journey we’re on represents perhaps one of the most basic and greatest of challenges Christians face on a daily basis. Who has God figured out? Who doesn’t battle paper-thin faith? Who doesn’t struggle with fear, shame, or regret?

Even before factoring in the implications of God’s invisibleness and his requirement to wager everything on the unseen, such realities make the point that we all badly need a certain, foundational anchor for confidence and security in this life; something lasting and unchangeable, something outside and bigger than ourselves and our circumstances and yet something within the grasp of the weakest and worst of us.

God’s personality and affections

Pleasure, delight, joy, gladness are rather intriguing biblical descriptors to tip us off to God’s base motives and passions behind our story and existence. The notion that God is handsome, and could be irresistible and fascinating is a stretch for many folk, but it’s true. A God I could actually like? A God with appeal factor that’s strong enough to ultimately hold the voluntary affections of the human heart and will, against all odds and competition, is not typically what comes to mind when the Gospel is first heard.

The truth is, you’ll never believe in a God who burns with affections for you if you don’t believe he has a glad make up to begin with. You’ll never believe in a God who forgives if you don’t first believe he has the capacity to do so, and isn’t grouchy when he does it. You’ll never be able to believe in a God who is kind until you first believe in a God who delights in weak people, and is predisposed to be merciful and good – even to you. Before you get your act together…


What would you pay/trade for more of God? More Presence, more encounter and revelation, more power and transformation …? What if more is actually biblical, non-negotiable, even essential?

Well, there really is more; in fact, far more than imagined! God reserves certain things only for the hungry; it’s the knockers/seekers/and askers that experience deeper and more. More doesn’t happen by default or osmosis; it has to be pursued and taken, sometimes “forcibly”, and is inseparably tied to effort and response. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and if you’re hungry enough for it, you’ll find it.


  • When I saw the title “God do you like me?”, that made me think. Like me? I know God loves me, but like me? Over the years I learned to “Stay in the flock” with other believers, “Take care of one or two little goats” (not try to do everything, especially out of guilt) and “stay close to the Shepherds tent” (leaning into Jesus and learning His ways). Understanding that the Godhead planned me from the beginning is a mind blowing concept that started a long understanding of Intimacy with my Creator. In the “School of prayer”, I struggled with the intimate relationship with God and baring my soul. It led to a breakthrough and the breaking of a lifelong stronghold. “More” has and is a challenging experiential pushing in to things eternal. John’s idea of planning for “after our funeral” just opened up so much “more” than I had ever conceived. The thought of bringing the “Kingdom of God” to earth now, with healings and revelations is exciting.


    Hal F.
  •       “Everyone who listens to the Father and learns from Him, comes to me.”  John 6:45.        

    About 10 years ago, I attended a class that John and Brad Hobbs taught known as the “School of Prayer”.  After the class, my head was buzzing, so much to learn and I started attending John’s evening classes for many years.  It has become a regular part of my week and functions much like a small group, prayer concerns, regular Bible lessons, snacks and potluck dinners, but also concerns for each other and the sense that we are growing in the Faith. John once asked the question, “Is there anything God cannot do?”  His answer, “Yes, break His promises.”   John 6:45 is a promise and by participating in John Dee’s classes, I really believe that I am coming to the Lord, both in my mortal life and in the Kingdom to come.

    Dave F.
  • I stepped into John’s classroom 8 years ago. The way John talked about God; as though he was right in the room with us was intriguing. I remember thinking “I don’t know what this is but I want it.” I had been a “Christian” for 17 years but had no idea God even loved me let alone liked me. John introduced me to an intimate relationship with God. Through the years my relationship with God has deepened and strengthened. My life has changed because of his class. I am grateful beyond words to John.

    Kristen I.
  • I have been in John Dee’s class for many years. I can honestly say that what I have learned in this class has changed my life and my relationship with the Lord. He has expanded my vision of what is possible with the Lord and has made me think outside the box about eternity, legacy, and listening and healing prayer.  I love this class!!


    Class Testimony
  • “Life changing. These two words sum up John’s teaching. I was privileged to sit under several different topics: Bride of Christ, School of Prayer, God, Do You Like Me? The depth of revelation, the invitation into intimacy, the availability of healing was truly Life Changing. My personal life is radically different because of experiencing God through these profound teachings. I have been healed, physically and spiritually. I have been released into a completely different arena of prayer, gifting and impact. I credit all of this to the Holy Spirit moving through John’s teaching.” Jana Spicka, Author, Speaker, Singer/Song Writer

    Jana Spicka

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