God Do You Like Me? – Book


  • Have these questions ever crossed your mind:

  • What does God think about you?

  • Do you know and understand your place in this world?

  • Do you often feel you don’t measure up to what you say you believe?

God likes his job of being God to us. This is very good news.
In light of our frequent one-step-forward-two-step-back lives, God … Do You Like Me? provides overwhelming evidence for renewed hope and confidence with God as well as ourselves.

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Click here to download the prologue and first half of chapter one of God…Do You Like Me?

In light of our frequent one-step-forward-two-step-backwards lives, finding and then holding onto a workable and lasting confidence and security represents perhaps one of the most basic and greatest of challenges Christians face on a daily basis. Who doesn’t battle short memories and paper-thin faith? Who hasn’t made dumb mistakes or regretted decisions we’ve made? Who has God figured out?

Even before factoring in the implications of God’s invisibleness and the requirement of faith, such realities make the point that we all badly need a certain, foundational anchor for confidence and security in this life; something lasting and unchangeable, something outside and bigger than ourselves and our circumstances and yet something within the grasp of the weakest and worst of us.

Far from being dismayed or disgusted by our humanness and immaturity, God likes his job, and is unimaginably “for” us. This is very good news. By challenging your “notions of God” in the best possible way and “unlocking” some of God’s core personality, and by offering basic insight into the fascinating implications of being scripted into God’s personal narrative, God … Do You Like Me? provides overwhelming evidence for renewed hope and confidence in God as well as ourselves.

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2 reviews for God Do You Like Me? – Book

  1. Ashleigh White

    John’s book is a riveting account of a God that I thought I knew, and now only want to know more. The idea that the Godhead includes me into relationship is hard for my human brain to wrap itself around. Talking about God’s kindness and gladness is so “other than” what our Christian culture ingrains in us… How differently my life, my human interactions, and my own emotional experience would be if I only knew him as he really is and not as the world tells me he is. I can truly say that God … Do You Like Me? has been a catalyst for a reaction I have been longing for in my relationship with the Lord.

    Ashleigh White

  2. Wilma Kirschner

    What a penetrating, thought-provoking book! It is filled with endless descriptions of who we are in Christ, who Christ is, and his deep desire to have a relationship with ME!! I know that and have heard it before, but God … Do You Like Me? awakened it in me in a fresh and new way. I felt challenged and encouraged to press on… fully knowing that I am his and perfect in his sight even in all my incompleteness. I found the need to stop and ponder: “He likes his job of being God.” I like that!! I also never really thought about the fact that he has made an eternally binding choice to live with me forever. To think of him perhaps saying “Yes! Just the one I wanted! Spoken for! Perfect! Mine!” … Wow. To God be the glory.

    Wilma Kirschner

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