Ebenezer Ministries is a 501 (c) (3) Knoxville Tennessee, US based non-profit organization established in 1996. We exist to promote spiritual growth, understanding and confidence with God, and accomplish this primarily through the avenues of prayer, teaching, encouraging people in their Christian faith, and practical help.

Ebenezer Ministries started the Hug-a-Child program for orphans in 2008. The ministry hosts short term mission trips to Zimbabwe twice a year.

Ebenezer Ministries

What We Do

Ebenezer Ministries strives to help unlock God to people and promote confidence through:


Ebenezer Ministries holds weekly classes at Fellowship Church in Knoxville, TN and offer topics for keynote speaking.

Mission Trips

Ebenezer Ministries hosts summer and fall mission trips to Zimbabwe Africa, with a focus on orphans and the youth of Zimbabwe.

Hug-A-Child Program

The Hug-a-Child program of Ebenezer Ministries connects US families and individuals with orphaned and at risk children in Zimbabwe, Africa. The intention is to single these children out as someone special and allow them to cultivate a relationship with someone who will see them, be there for them and delight in them.


Ebenezer Ministries encourages conversing with God, hearing His voice, and praying with people.


  • In the “School of prayer”, I struggled with the intimate relationship with God and baring my soul. It led to a breakthrough and the breaking of a lifelong stronghold.

    Hal Flynt
  • “Life changing”. These two words sum up John’s teaching. I was privileged to sit under several different topics: Bride of Christ, School of Prayer, God, Do You Like Me? The depth of revelation, the invitation into intimacy, the availability of healing was truly Life Changing.

    Jana Spicka
  • I have been in John Dee’s class for many years. I can honestly say that what I have learned in this class has changed my life and my relationship with the Lord. He has expanded my vision of what is possible with the Lord and has made me think outside the box about eternity, legacy, and listening and healing prayer.  I love this class!!


    Class Testimony
  • My favorite part of the trips I participated in with Ebenezer ministries was our group prayer times. I loved listening to how different people in completely different parts of life related to God and expressed their hope, love, exhaustion, tears, etc… in so many ways. I was deeply touched by the experience of being prayed over and encouraged by a group of people, and still remember the blessings and encouragement that many of them spoke over me.

    Sam Ferguson
  • As I looked around I saw a lot of hurting people; inside the camp and outside in the town. They do not seem to have anything to hold on to, they need a lot of comforting, and reassuring that God sees everything and knows there needs, that he loves them.

    Chris Holland
  • My journey is far from over, but I know that God used Zimbabwe to set a trajectory that has changed the way I do life with God. I pray He does the same for you.

    Laura Jones
  • At the orphanage there were kids everywhere, all running about and greatly excited.   But, there was one in particular that came shyly toward me, Brenda, all the while others were running around all of us “visitors.”   We had been writing to Brenda for a little while, and she was so special to me.

  • Having returned to Zimbabwe four times with John and Sue Dee should speak for itself. The experience is life changing and worth repeating. I have had the opportunity to make friends with many of the people we worked alongside with.

    Maurice Rawlings, M.D.

We Invite You to Touch Africa to Reach Its People